Group Training

We know the first step to wellness can be the most difficult. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, run a marathon, or just feel better about yourself, our small group fitness programs are here to help you drive results!

Group fitness programs are specialized fitness regimens instructed by a certified personal trainer. These classes are designed to maximize endurance, strength, and flexibility for quicker results. The Y offers a variety of group fitness options to help you achieve your fitness goals.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

  • OCR: Obstacle Course Race Prep: Six-week obstacle course race prep. Meets twice a week. Works on fitness as well as specific obstacle training.
  • FIT: Functional Interval Training: High-intensity interval training class focused on functional exercises in a peripheral heart action circuit to maximize muscle recruitment. Combines cardio, strength training, and dynamic movements to keep your muscles guessing.
  • Bootcamp: Intense program designed to help you meet performance and fat-loss goals. Geared to all levels of fitness.

Strength and Weights

  • Strength Within Movement: Advanced class for members who want to build strength and move comfortably. Focuses on mobilization, safe movement patterns, and utilization of functional strength for a great workout. 
  • Women on Weights: Six-week strength training program designed specifically for women.
  • Strength 101: Creates a comfortable atmosphere for people to learn how to integrate weight training into their personal workout plan.

Mind and Body

  • Ground Up Yoga: Eight-week series for those who are curious about yoga, or who have been to a class and felt lost. Learn poses, terminology, and modifications so you can successfully join any yoga class.
  • Yoga for Athletes: Effective series integrates movement, strength, and breath work to help athletes excel, no matter their sport or ability level. Sequential routine with specific yoga poses. For athletes and those of us whose flexibility may be challenged.


  • Belly Dance: Six-week series focused on belly dance fitness. Participants learn a choreographed dance routine.

Active Agers

  • Moving for Better Balance: Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among adults age 65 and older. The YMCA's Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance program is a 12-week, evidence-based falls prevention program recognized as effective by federal and state agencies.
  • Enhance®Fitness: Nationally recognized, evidence-based, 16-week community-based fitness and arthritis management program geared toward older adults and those with a chronic condition such as arthritis.
  • Adaptive Wellness Recovery Cycle PWR! Moves: Evidence-based programs specifically designed for adults who are managing degenerative movement disorders or experiencing physical, age-related, or fitness challenges. Fun and supportive setting.


  • Boxer Strength: Designed to improve overall fitness through moves inspired by boxing and mixed martial arts. Incorporates partner work, heavy bag use, and sparring mitts. Participants learn and focus on punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow blows, core rotation, conditioning spikes, and functional movements.

Small Group Personal Training

Qualified and properly trained personal trainers can help you safely start and maintain an effective exercise program. Get a small group of friends together for training sessions in a fun atmosphere while maximizing your fitness goals.

Other Training Options

Is one-on-one training more your speed? Check out our personal training options.

Y members are also eligible to join Westridge CF, a program within the Ferguson Family Y in Candler. Certified instructors lead its group-based classes, which are designed to challenge you while focusing on safety. Open to all fitness levels.

Class Schedules and Locations

Not all programs are offered at each YMCA location. Please check our schedules, mobile app, or the Member Services Desk at your Y for details.