Military Membership

Military veterans, active duty military, and their families are eligible for the YMCA of Western North Carolina's Military Appreciation Program.

This program covers several types of membership with corresponding rates, which apply as long as the veteran or active military individual is a Y member. There are no joining fees for veterans, active military, and their families to join the Y.

Requirements include a valid military or veteran ID card, a DD214 form showing release from active duty, or a driver's license indicating a veteran designation.  

Active military and veterans can expect to bypass the standard joining fee and become a YMCA member as an individual or a household for a personalized monthly rate accounting for your household's current financial situation. 


If a member of your household served or are serving in any role in any branch of the military, you are eligible.


Their are three ways to join the Y under our Military Appreciation Program

  1. Receive our Active duty/Veteran discount, $10 off standard rates with no joiner fee;
  2. Apply for an income based rate filling out an application and showing proof of income; or
  3. Applying for the Military OneSource membership, Title 10 active duty personnel only, see below details and to apply

Title 10 personnel are eligible for a Y membership, including:

  • Family members of deployed National Guard and reservists
  • Active duty personnel at Independent Duty Stations and their families
  • Relocated spouse/dependent children of deployed Active Duty personnel

The Relocated Spouse category supports families/spouses who relocate away from an installation/duty station while the active duty service member is deployed. All of the following criteria must be met:

  • The service member is on active duty.
  • The service member is deployed for a minimum of six months (on deployment orders -- NOT unaccompanied orders, NOT geographic bachelors).
  • The spouse has relocated away from the military installation where the service member is assigned (most often, back home near family).
  • Wounded service members assigned to a Community Based Warrior in Transition Unit (CBWTU) 


How to apply

Go to the Military OneSource website or call 800-342-9647 to confirm your eligibility and request an eligibility form.

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After you complete your eligibility form, email us to set up a verification appointment.


Join the Y through the Military Appreciation Program, you will be asked to provide your eligibility form and at least one of the following: 

  • A valid military or veteran ID card
  • Deployment orders
  • A Military Service Headquarters approval letter
  • A DD214 form showing release from active duty, or
  • A driver's license indicating a veteran designation

You may apply online by emailing these documents to [email protected].

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If you face any complications or need any assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or call 828-251-5910.


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