Enhance®Fitness is a community-based senior fitness and arthritis management class. The 16-week program meets three times a week for a one-hour class. Each class is taught by a certified instructor and focuses on cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.

How It Works

Participants move at their most comfortable pace and are never pushed to do more than they can handle. Exercising with other people in a relaxed atmosphere adds a fun, social element and keeps motivation high.

EnhanceFitness has been recognized by the CDC, the U.S. Department on Aging, and the National Council on Aging as effective in helping older adults improve or maintain their physical functioning. Program participants have reported increased flexibility, energy levels, and strength; better sleep; and an increased sense of independence. Additionally, the program has resulted in fewer hospitalizations and reduced healthcare costs.

Program Details

At the beginning of each session, participants complete three fitness assessments to establish baselines. Those assessments are repeated at the end of the 16 weeks to measure progress.

Each one-hour class is divided into these segments:

  • warm-up
  • movement to fun music
  • cool-down
  • strength training
  • stretching

Instructors also incorporate exercises that improve balance.


Eligibility Requirements

Older adults at all fitness levels are welcome, from frail to fit.


For more information, please email the Population Health team, call 828 251 5910, or complete the waiver below.