Member Spotlight: Stormi Murtie

Stormi Murtie

Stepping out of your comfort zone at any age can be daunting but for those of us in the "AARP chapter" of our lives, it can be paralyzing. My name is Stormi Murtie and I’m 61 years old. Even though my husband and I joined the Y a year and a half ago, it has taken me awhile to venture beyond a “comfortable” cardio workout on the treadmill, yoga exercises for occasional hip bursitis (cue the old lady music) or a brisk walk around the track.

That’s good, and it beats sitting on the couch, (or motorcycle) but the dryer was still shrinking my clothes and I knew I wasn’t maximizing my workout efforts! Since we worry about sounding foolish, it's sometimes hard to ask questions, especially when we don’t know what it is we need to ask.

There’s a ton of awesome equipment and machines at the Y that are foreign to me, and I never wanted to hurt (or embarrass) myself. However, I had to embrace the fact that as we age, the “sands shift” (yikes) and I knew it was time to push myself. I was fearful that a workout class for folks my age would consist of sitting in a circle doing the hokie pokie or just not suited specifically to my needs. Thus, I was thrilled when one of the personal trainers engaged me in conversation about how she could help me if I ever wanted to add some new elements to my workout. BOOYAH!

I am now on a quest to reach a new level of physical fitness. For the first time in my life, I am embracing weight training and have leaped right out of the ol' comfort zone! By learning proper technique, I am reaching goals I never thought attainable. Shannon, my awesome trainer, and Carolyn my fabulous workout partner, both hold me accountable and push me to find the best version of myself.

To others out there who find themselves in this uncharted chapter of their lives, I feel you! Why not let the Y help you to get moving and start sweating. Do not simply accept what you view as the “inevitable." We are strong, we are capable, and if it is true what they say, that “sitting is the new smoking” then GET UP & GET OUT. You just might surprise yourself.

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