Ask the Governor to Open YMCAs Now

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Aug. 27, 2020

Today the governor of Arizona announced that some gyms in that state will be allowed to reopen. This leaves North Carolina as the only state where fitness facilities remain fully closed.

The YMCA of Western North Carolina is fully prepared to reopen with health and safety precautions in place. You can help make this happen by contacting Gov. Roy Cooper and Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen today to to ask them to lift restrictions on North Carolina gyms.

Please send them the letter below or use your own words to let them know how much the Y means to you. Thank you for staying with us as we work toward a healthier community!


Dear Governor Cooper and Secretary Cohen,

This month, New York and New Jersey announced the reopening of gyms following months of closure. Today, Arizona announced that gyms will reopen on Thursday. This leaves North Carolina as the only state in which gyms and indoor fitness centers remain closed and with no significant outbreaks reported at YMCAs in states where gyms are open.

The NC Alliance of YMCAs and its volunteer boards strongly urge you to reopen indoor fitness centers and gyms immediately.

North Carolina’s YMCAs have spent months preparing to open deliberately and responsibly to ensure the safety of employees and participants and follow the guidelines and recommendations of our state and local health experts, as well as the CDC.

As one of our state’s largest nonprofit employers with more than 19,500 employees statewide, the impact of the Y’s continued closure on our employees, our communities and the local vendors who depend on our business is substantial. Collectively, NC’s YMCAs are experiencing monthly operational losses of $4.5M and have reduced its workforce by 65%.

The Y has been on the front lines of the Coronavirus crisis response, serving the most vulnerable members of our communities. However, loss of revenue from facility closures and decreased giving due to the economic downturn are hitting Ys especially hard. Our communities need us now more than ever, but without assistance and the ability to open indoor fitness centers, we will not be able to continue operations, leaving our neighbors and our communities without essential resources and services they rely on.

Again, please open gyms and indoor fitness centers with appropriate guidelines. Thank you.