Case for Support

Every dollar you donate to the Y has a lasting impact on our neighbors and your local community. Your gift will support the youngest and most vulnerable, help people forge friendships, and enable people to thrive.

Together, we can provide:

  • Healthy food for the hungry
  • Reliable childcare for parents who need to go to work
  • Nurturing spaces for kids to attend school remotely
  • Virtual workouts to help people regain health
  • Outreach to seniors who are feeling isolated
  • Safe places for the community to come together

Donate Now

Local impact

  • 1,000 kids will be nurtured through childcare, summer camp, and academic support
  • 175,000 free healthy meals are feeding children each month and helping them become more food secure
  • 725 campers will experience adventure and friendship at YMCA Camp Watia this summer
  • 21,500 food insecure households will receive produce and healthy groceries from the Y's nutrition outreach program
  • 200+ adults battling cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, and chronic disease are regaining their health through the Y's evidence-based health programs
  • 34,500 members receiving assistance will live healthier and more active lives thanks to YMCA membership and programs