Reopening Information

In accordance with state and local guidance, we’re excited to begin our first phase of reopening with programs and services that include access to outdoor group exercise classes and fitness offerings, indoor pools and aquatic group exercise, and summer day camp.

To learn more, please see the sections below. Please see our schedules page for updates and reservations. Additionally, check out our options for virtual engagement to help keep you active and healthy.

As a reminder, the indoor pool and outdoor exercise amenities opening on June 1 are for current members. At this time with reduced capacity, we are unable to include guests of members or YMCA members from non-YMCA of Western North Carolina associations.

Helping Keep You Safe

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our team, our members, and the community. We are ready to prioritize your safety through the following precautions:

  • Enhanced sanitization of equipment, surfaces and areas combined with an increased frequency of cleaning
  • Adjusted hours to facilitate enhanced deep cleaning
  • Additional stations for hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
  • Focus on “no touch” or “low touch” interactions
  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff (except during outdoor group exercise or lifeguarding)
  • Protective barriers in place to reduce contact between staff and members
  • Members are required to wear face coverings. We have masks and face coverings available on request. We will follow local guidelines on usage.
  • Health screenings, including temperature checks, before staff, members, and vendors enter our facilities
  • Reduced capacity and altered layouts to maintain physical distancing practices and create one-way indoor traffic patterns. Some equipment has been moved or closed to allow for social distancing. Where possible we will maintain single entry and exit points.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 education, safety training, and protocols for our entire staff team
  • Reservation systems for program and facility usage
  • No guests of members or access for non-YMCA of WNC members

Facility Air Quality Standards

Depending on the specific systems at our centers, here are ways property directors will work to improve ventilation in the building, using engineering controls, in addition to regular PM and maintenance of existing systems:

  • Ensure (HVAC) ventilation systems are operating properly and swiftly reconcile when unit experiences mechanical issues.
  • Increase ventilation rates within existing systems when possible.
  • Disable demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) where possible.
  • Adjust air dampers when possible to reduce recirculation. However, this may be difficult to do in cold or hot weather.
  • Without reducing adequate air floor- improve central air filtration to the highest compatible with the system, filter rack, and seal edges of the filter to limit bypass.
  • Keep systems running longer hours if possible, during operating hours, to enhance air exchanges in the building space.
  • Ensure exhaust fans in restroom facilities are functional and operating at full capacity when the building is occupied.

Plan Ahead: What You Need to Know and Bring

  • Reservations will be required for all classes, lap swim, and family swim times. Access reservations through our schedules page or mobile app.
  • Before entering a Y facility or attending an outdoor class, be prepared to have your temperature checked and to be asked several health screening questions. Please allow extra time for this. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above must be symptom-free for 72 hours before entering.
  • Dress appropriately before you arrive. Locker rooms will be open for showers and toilets only at facilities with indoor pools. Members need to have a pool reservation in order to access the locker room. Facilities without pools will not be open to members or the public.
  • Please bring the personal items you need (a mat, towel, water bottle, etc.) and a face covering
  • Members are required to follow state guidelines for use of face coverings, except while swimming or exercising outdoors
  • Adhere to the physical distancing requirements by keeping at least six feet away from others.
  • To ensure proper social distancing, areas and classes will have a limited capacity. Reservations are required.
  • For outdoor group exercise, wipe down equipment, weights, mats, etc. before and after use with the cleaning materials provided.
  • We’re unable to offer childcare services in our centers at this time. Please do not bring children to class unless they are of age and registered to attend.
  • Youth members ages 13 and up are welcome with a parent or guardian as part of a household membership. They will be asked to maintain the same social distancing and safety protocols as all members.
  • Families participating in reserved family activities will be asked to maintain all social distancing and safety protocols
  • Please stay home if you’re sick or don’t feel well. The CDC and state public health officials encourage seniors and members of vulnerable populations, including those with underlying health conditions, to stay at home.

How to Make Reservations

To help keep the community safe, we're using a reservations system to cap the number of swimmers and exercise class participants. You can reserve your spot through our website, but the fastest, easiest way to do it is through our mobile app. Here are step-by-step instructions for your convenience.

As a courtesy to others, please do not book back-to-back time slots for indoor pools.

Outdoor Group Exercise

Limited outdoor group exercise classes will begin June 1 at all YMCA of Western North Carolina centers.

Planned classes include athletic conditioning, yoga, strength and conditioning, cardio, Zumba, and more. Centers with indoor pools will offer aquatic group exercise classes.

Please note that classes are subject to change, and may be canceled due to weather. Please see our schedules page or mobile app for updates.

What to Expect

  • Health screenings and reservations are required. 
  • We will offer a reduced schedule to start. 
  • All classes will be on a reservation system. Reservations will open 24 hours before the class.
  • Classes will run at a reduced capacity to support social distancing guidelines. Classes cannot exceed 24 people plus the instructor.
  • Areas will be marked for participants to maintain proper social distancing. Maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times.
  • Face coverings are required before and after each class. The Y will require members to follow state guidelines for usage. 
  • Childcare is not available. Do not bring your children unless they are of age and registered for the class.
  • Please bring water and an exercise mat.
  • Restrooms are not available.
  • If a class is canceled due to weather, we will post the news on social media and our mobile app approximately one hour before class time

Pools and Swim Programs

Indoor pools open on June 1 with limited hours:

  • Asheville YMCA
  • Black Mountain YMCA
  • Corpening Memorial YMCA
  • Hendersonville Family YMCA
  • Reuter Family YMCA

Pool Usage Guidelines

  • The amenities opening on June 1 are for current members. At this time we are unable to include guests of members or YMCA members from non-YMCA of Western North Carolina associations.
  • Members must reserve a spot for lap swim, family swim, and aquatic group exercise.
  • As a courtesy to others, please do not book consecutive time slots.
  • Bring your own pool toys and equipment.
  • Deck showers and hose systems available for rinsing off before and after entering the water
  • Locker rooms open for showers and toilets
  • Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs are closed at this time. 

Please note that this information is subject to change. Please check our schedules page or mobile app for updates and to make reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will swim tests happen during this time?
Yes, we will continue to give swim tests for anyone who needs one and anyone under the age of 12. 

Can non-swimmers be in deep end if that is the spot they reserved?
No, they cannot. Our aquatic safety plan prohibits non-swimmers from being in the deep end of our pools.

What if someone reserves a slot and doesn't show up?
After 15 minutes, if someone is waiting, our aquatics staff will allow them to take the open slot for the remaining time. As a courtesy to others, please do not book back-to-back slots. To maximize the spaces available, we’ll be implementing a $10 no-show fee for each unused reservation, starting Aug. 10. If you make a reservation you’re not able to keep, please use our mobile app or call 828-251-5910 to cancel.

What about weather closures?
Pools will continue to follow our existing weather policies. If your time slot is affected by weather, we are not able to extend it to accommodate for missed time. If no one has reserved the slot after yours, we could hold that slot for you. However, if reservations are full, you'll need to reserve a new slot when available. 

What if two people show up for one slot and want to lane share?
During the first stage of reopening, pool occupancy is limited to one person per lap lane during lap swim time.

Can a family bring friends to their family time slot?
No, not at this time. Only members of the household signing up for the slot can be in the lane during their household time slot. This helps with social distancing efforts and maintains our allowed pool occupancy.

Can I use the locker room to shower?
Locker rooms will be open for showers and toilets only at facilities with indoor pools. Members need to have a pool reservation in order to access the locker room.

Swim Lessons

Registration for private, semi-private and group swim lessons will begin in early June. We will follow several additional health and safety precautions:

  • Any child in a parent/child or level 1-3 will require a parent/guardian in the water with them during lessons this will allow the instructor to social distance from participants in the class while still maintaining safety through a 1:1 ratio with an adult.
  • Children in levels 4-6 can be in the water without a parent (if comfortable and competent to do so). The instructor will use a “coach approach” teaching model to instruct from the deck or from a socially distant distance in the water. If the child is not comfortable or able to safely be in the water on their own, a parent/guardian will be asked to accompany them in the water during the class.
  • The same expectations will be used for private and semi-private lessons, based on the child’s skill level.
  • Semi-private lessons will be offered for sibling groups only.
  • We encourage participants to come ready to enter the water in their swimsuits and leave in their swimsuits to limit time in the locker rooms.

Patton Pool

Patton Pool in Hendersonville is open to the public with limited hours. There is an additional fee for YMCA of Western North Carolina member use.

Virtual Engagement

During this time, we want to help you prioritize your health and wellness. Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness.

Access daily live classes taught by the professional instructors at the YMCA of Western North Carolina.

Watch a variety of free virtual classes via YMCA360. Enjoy a variety of classes of all intensity levels, from yoga to cardio and strength.

Members can download our mobile app to access workouts, and fitness challenges, goals, and more!

Childcare and Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp will begin on June 1 at several locations in Buncombe, Henderson, and McDowell counties. Registration is now open. Financial assistance is available.

For the safety and well-being of all children and staff, North Carolina health and safety guidelines will be strictly enforced in all youth programs. Learn more

We’re unable to offer Youth Development Center childcare services in our centers at this time.

Overnight Camp

YMCA Camp Watia will not operate this year. Please refer to Watia’s website for details on registering for our 2021 season.


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