What is health coaching?

Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, client-focused interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage participants in health behavior change

Health coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that guides the client toward the changes they want to make.  Coaches and clients develop a relationship built on trust and respect that allows them to explore clients’ values, reasons for change and what is possible.  

Just as a personal trainer can help an individual reach their fitness goals, a health and wellness coach can help anyone thrive in their daily life. The relationship between the Health Coach and client involves two people discussing ideas and issues where the person who is being coached is in the driver’s seat creating their own goals as well as the strategies on how to meet these goals. The health coach acts as a guide and support person throughout the process. Together they form a collaborative alliance to clarify the client’s well life vision, and to develop a plan of action to reach these goals. 
People hire health coaches to help them with a broad variety of issues, such as:

  • stress reduction
  • the management of chronic conditions
  • improving diet and exercise
  • weight management
  • tobacco cessation
  • addiction
  • improving relationships and more. 

We are offering one-on-one sessions both in-person or virtual. There is also a one-time fresh-start package available. All sessions are offered in 30 or 60 minute intervals based on your preference and availability. All sessions are offered in both English and Spanish.

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Client testimonials

"This proved to be an invaluable program that helped me set my individual health goals, achieve these goals, and brainstorm more ideas to keep motivated and on track to a healthier me.  My coach was my personal cheerleader and my source for a wealth of ideas and information."– HCC, Sept 2021 


"Health coaching has taught me good ways to make positive thinking and changes in my life without feeling guilty.  It has helped me recognize what I am spending my time on and what I would prefer to be spending my time on and provided tools to make the changes.  I am delighted with this great experience." – CB, September 2021 

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