Afterschool Programs


Please read the information below regarding YMCA Afterschool 22/23 as there have been several changes to our program registration including the names and descriptions for the programs.  Please note that the Full-Time Program for next year is NOT the same as the current Full-Time Program so please read the information below very carefully so that you enroll correctly.

  • Three different options for each location 
    • Full Time: 40 weeks of program through the school year only; includes Afterschool, Teacher Workdays, Snow Days, 1 week of care for Winter Break, Spring Break and most holidays; does NOT include Summer Day Camp
    • Year Round: 50 weeks of program through the entire year; includes Afterschool, Summer Day Camp, Teacher Workdays, Snow Days, 1 week of care for Winter Break, Spring Break and most holidays; Complimentary YMCA membership; must register by Sept. 30, 2022 to participate
    • Year Round with Watia Upgrade: Year Round benefits/coverage, plus 1 week at Camp Watia overnight camp (for 7 years old and up); Complimentary YMCA membership; must register by September 30th 2022 to participate
  • Programs are closed the week before school starts (Aug. 22-26), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas (Dec. 26-30), and Memorial Day
  • Vouchered participants are required to register for the Full Time program.
  • Registration for the first week of school ends Aug. 22. Registrations made after that date will have a later start date. 
  • Hours are from when school lets out until 6 PM; School’s Out days are 7:30 AM-5:30 PM
  • Registration is not complete until parent receives a green check mark at the end of the registration (a form of payment has to be entered, $0 will be due)
  • The parent who receives a discount (school employee, YMCA employee, vouchers), should be listed as parent #1 on the registration
  • Please contact the YMCA Business Center if you have any questions: 828-251-5910 or 

All options will be assessed a $65.00 per family registration fee upon review of your registration by Y staff.

Safety precautions

To protect the health and safety of children, staff, and families, the Y has implemented additional safety measures in accordance with local, state, and federal orders and guidance:

  • Health screenings for all staff and participants
  • Rides in/out health screenings
  • Hand washing scheduled and offered throughout the day
  • Social distancing practices
  • Modified games to encourage social distancing
  • No sharing of toys, food, etc.
  • Face coverings for children and staff
  • Sanitizing high use areas and materials throughout the day and at the end of every day



Financial Assistance

Thanks to the support of generous donors to our annual fundraising campaign, the Y offers financial assistance based on need and available funds. 

Contact the Buncombe County Child Care Services Subsidy Unit or the McDowell County Child Care Services Subsidy Unit for voucher services. Subsidy is not available at all locations. Contact the Y at 828-251-5910 for locations that accept subsidy vouchers.

The Y-Access financial assistance program provides funds based on available resources. Assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are available at the Y Business Center at 40 North Merrimon Ave., Suite 301, Asheville, NC or below. Applicants must first apply for the subsidy/voucher program through the Buncombe or McDowell County Child Care Services Subsidy Unit, if applicable. Applicants must also be working a minimum of 30 hours per week or be a full-time student. 

Check out our Financial Assistance Scale

Apply for Child Care Financial Assistance


Programs and Ages

We offer activities that are purposefully designed to boost your child’s confidence, enrich their social and physical development, and encourage self-expression. Our program includes arts and crafts, sports, cooking, adventure, team building, anti-bullying programs, obesity prevention, swimming, group exercise classes, homework assistance, group games, outside play, and more.

Daily Activities

The afterschool program provides developmentally appropriate activities that will enhance your child’s confidence, enrich his or her social and physical development, and encourage self-expression. 

We offer a combination of individual and group activities. Children are encouraged to give their input on what activities they would like to do. 

A weekly lesson plan and schedule of activities are posted at each site. 

Arts and crafts, Go Green activities, games, homework time, snack, wellness components, nutrition, and outside time are some of the daily activities that will be available to your child.

Core Curriculum Components

The YMCA of the USA School-Age Care Curriculum Framework was developed in partnership with the Y- USA, the YMCA of Greater Providence, and the National Institute of Out-of-School Time. 

These are the curriculum areas that our Y afterschool program staff will use as the framework for planning daily, weekly, and monthly activities:

  • Arts and humanities 
  • Character development 
  • Cultural diversity 
  • Health, wellness, and fitness 
  • Homework support 
  • Literacy 
  • Science and technology 
  • Service learning 
  • Social competence and conflict resolution

Sample Afterschool Schedule

This is a sample of a daily schedule. Each site has its daily schedule posted. 

2:30-3 p.m. Sign-in and group time 
3-3:30 p.m. Snack and activity stations 
3:30-4 p.m. Outside time 
4-4:30 p.m. Homework/quiet activity time 
4:30-5:30 p.m. Activity stations/enrichment clubs 
5:30-6 p.m. Group games/activities

Homework Assistance and Tutoring

Children get daily opportunities for homework time. Every family has different expectations of their child regarding homework. Therefore, we use a Homework Agreement form when needed. We ask that parents/guardians go over their expectations with their child and then sign the form. This ensures the child is clear on what you expect. Homework Agreement forms are available from the site director.

Daily Snack

Because the YMCA follows Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards, we are required to comply with a daily meal plan that is nutritious and consists of at least two of the following components: milk, fruit, bread or cereal, fruits and vegetables, and meat or meat alternative. No fried food or sugar-sweetened beverages will be allowed in the program.

All snacks we offer are planned in advance. A weekly snack calendar is available on the Family Table at each site. 

If your child has any allergies or requires a special diet, please note it on your registration form and make sure your site director is aware of it. We are required by licensing to post children’s food allergies in the area where children are fed.

The Y provides a healthy afternoon snack during normal program hours and a morning and afternoon snack during School’s Out programs. 

You will be required to provide your child with a sack lunch for the School’s Out program. 

State Licensing Sack Lunch Requirements 

  • Must label with child’s name and date 
  • Lunch must consist of at least four of the following components: milk, two or more fruits or vegetables, meat or meat alternative, bread or bread alternative. 
  • We are required to supplement your child’s lunch if it does not comply.  There may be a charge assessed to cover this cost.

The site director will inform you if it is necessary for you to supply anything for your child during the afterschool program.

Food from Home

Food from home may be served to your child only. Homemade baked goods, etc., are not permitted to be served to the rest of the children.

Professional Staff

Counselors also receive 40 hours of additional training in topics such as conflict resolution, child-abuse prevention, Stewards of Children national certification training, diversity, program development, group management, anti-bullying, team building, and developmental assets.

No matter our age, we are students, too. Continuing education is required of all childcare staff to maintain certifications.

Schools Served (all locations and times are subject to change based on state regulations and school decisions)

Afterschool by District: (Sites with less than 5 students enrolled/attending for AS will be transported to a district site. Sites with 2 or less students enrolled will be closed for the semester. Overall site enrolled/attending at no site will exceed 34 students)

Hours Dismissal-6 p.m.

Asheville City Schools (served at YMCA Youth Services Center at Beaverdam location)

  • Claxton (served at Beaverdam)
  • Ira B. Jones (served at Beaverdam)
  • Lucy Herring (served at Hall Fletcher, provides school buses to the YMCA location)
  • Hall Fletcher on site

Buncombe County Schools

Enka District:

  • Sandhill on site
  • Hominy Valley on site
  • Candler transported to Hominy Valley
  • Pisgah on site


  • West Buncombe on site
  • Johnston on site and Emma is transported to Johnston

North Buncombe:

  • Weaverville Elementary on site
  • Weaverville Primary transport to WE
  • Barnardsville transport to NB
  • North Buncombe on site


  • Avery’s Creek on site
  • Glen Arden on site
  • Estes on site
  • Koontz - afterschool no longer available, can participate in School's Out


  • Fairview on site
  • Oakley on site
  • Haw Creek on site
  • Bell on site


  • WD Williams on site
  • Black Mountain Primary on site

McDowell County Schools – McDowell discount will be applied by Y staff

  • Eastfield Global Magnet School
  • Glenwood Elementary
  • Marion Elementary
  • Nebo Elementary
  • North Cove Elementary
  • Old Fort
  • Pleasant Garden
  • West Marion

    Center Childcare

    Please click here to learn about our center drop-in childcare, which is included with a Y Family Membership.


    YMCA Business Center
    Asheville City and Buncombe/Henderson/McDowell County programs
    Email the YBC or call 828 251 5910.