What's Next for the Y


The news this week that our full reopening date has been postponed is yet another in a long series of extraordinary challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we await a decision on pending legislation, we are confident that our operational plan will enable us to reopen in a safe, responsible way. As a nonprofit, volunteer-led community benefit organization, the health and safety of our members and the community will always be our highest priority.

While we are eager to open our fitness centers for indoor exercise, we remain grateful for the opportunity to continue offering outdoor exercise and training, pool activities, and day camp. We love seeing our members again and appreciate your understanding as we follow all federal, state and local guidelines. We’ll take every opportunity we get to welcome our members back to the Y, even when socially distant and wearing face masks as the state requires.

We are deeply grateful for those of you who have stayed with us. Your support has made it possible for us to pay our fixed costs and maintain the necessary infrastructure to meet urgent community needs for food, childcare, mental engagement, and physical wellness.

Since the pandemic began, the Y has worked nonstop to feed the hungry, take care of children, reach out to seniors, and connect with our members online. This crisis has proven what we’ve known all along – that the Y is much more than basketball courts and swimming pools. It’s about bringing people together to improve their lives, nurture their families, and strengthen their community.

However, our financial losses mount each day we’re closed. We’re currently operating on 40% of our pre-pandemic revenue. More than 90 percent of our staff are still furloughed. We’ve cut positions, reduced pay and benefits, and slashed other expenses, but the longer we’re closed the bleaker the outlook. Recovery will be slow, and the long-term impact will reduce our operating support by at least one-third. It’s possible that more jobs will be lost, fewer programs and services will be offered, and that not all of our YMCAs will survive the downturn.

That’s why your membership matters now more than ever. By continuing to stay with us, you are quite literally ensuring the Y’s future – not just as a place to work out, but as a community builder. Your commitment to the Y today is a long-term investment in a better tomorrow for all.

We understand that you may be in a difficult financial position as well, and we’re committed to working with you through this. As always, you can adjust your membership, request financial assistance, or take advantage of our free food distributions.

As a partner in community health, we encourage you to wear face coverings, wash your hands frequently, maintain physical distance, and stay home when ill. Your thoughtfulness and care will make it possible for the Y to fully reopen and for our community to thrive once more.

Until then, take care of your spirit, mind, and body by joining us for outdoor or online exercise, swimming, day camp, or youth sports camps. We care about your health and well-being, and look forward to welcoming you back to the Y again soon.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay with us.