Kids Gain Important Life Skills in Y Childcare


Asheville, N.C., Aug. 7, 2020 - The YMCA is recognized as a national leader in safe, supportive, and nurturing childcare that emphasizes social-emotional learning, physical activity, and healthy eating. This year in particular, YMCA childcare is giving children the life skills and resilience they need to cope with the challenges of the pandemic. 

Parents like Colleen Berio are grateful for what the Y does for her child.

"I want to thank you and your awesome team of counselors who are just doing an awesome job with my son! Mateo comes home each day from camp exhausted from having so much fun! I was a bit hesitant to send him to camp with all this virus chaos and uncertainty, but I know our son was missing socializing and being a kiddo!

Mateo was born with a brain abnormality, an underdeveloped cerebellum which controls his balance and motor skills. Because it is underdeveloped and will never grow to normal size balance issues he will always have. He also has ocular motor apraxia which causes him to have difficulty with his eyes left to right. He will jerk his head at times to get his eyes to move. He has developed coping mechanisms to help himself endure his challenges.

So when I sent him off to camp this past Monday my momma’s heart was nervous and anxious to let him go because I fear he would get hurt because of his balance. But knowing now that he is in good hands with your team and I see each day the confidence he is getting from all your activities..I want to take time to encourage you all that you guys are making a huge impact on my son! No words to say enough how much my husband or myself can say about the Explorer Camp! Just know that after each day your counselors end their day tired and drained from what they do during camp season, please let them know they are making a difference for Mateo!"

The Y is working with its school partners to create a flexible program that can accommodate changes to school plans and offer consistent care that meets children’s social, emotional, and academic needs for the 2020-2021 school year.

Starting Aug. 17, the Y will offer childcare options for the state’s Plan B (in-person and remote) and Plan C (fully remote). As always, the programs are affordable and accessible to all.

For more information and to sign up, visit or call 828 251 5910.