Hope and Resilience Are Y Themes for 2021


Recently Y leaders were asked to use one word to describe the current mindset of staff. Again and again, they said "hopeful" and "resilient."

Charitable donations to the Y give our frontline staff the hope and resilience they need to support our neighbors and friends. Thanks to that generosity, the Y is enduring the pandemic and providing much-needed services such as hunger relief, childcare, and health management. We couldn’t do it without you.

New ways to learn

New learning models continue to challenge children, teachers, and families. Since last March, the Y has operated full-day learning centers and camps for hundreds of local elementary and middle school students.

A kindergarten teacher recently asked for a little extra support for a struggling student who wasn't getting enough assistance at home due to a new sibling. Soon enough, our staff were working with the child to make letters from pipe cleaners and Play-Doh, while the other students joined in the fun to offer encouragement.

Supporting seniors

Loneliness and isolation are unfortunate side effects of the pandemic. Many seniors in our community spent the holidays alone, so Y staff, members, and volunteers organized a greeting card drive to brighten their spirits. Recipients told us they cherished the thoughtful gesture.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all who are supporting the Y’s ability to continue to reach the most vulnerable members of our community during these hard times.

2020 Impact Report

The past year taught us all that we can build resolve and strengthen bonds in the face of challenge. Without a doubt, communities can survive and grow during hard times if we work together.

The Y continued to serve throughout the pandemic with your support. Read our 2020 impact report and watch our annual meeting here.

Special thanks to First Horizon Foundation for sponsoring the online annual meeting and impact video.

Thanks for staying with us, and for all you do to help us build a healthier community.