Case for Support

Every dollar you donate to the Y has a lasting impact on our neighbors and your local community. Your gift will support the youngest and most vulnerable, help people forge friendships, and enable people to thrive.

Together, we can provide:

  • Healthy food for the hungry
  • Reliable childcare for parents who need to go to work
  • Nurturing spaces for kids to attend school remotely
  • Virtual workouts to help people regain health
  • Outreach to seniors who are feeling isolated
  • Safe places for the community to come together

Donate Now

Local impact

  • 100 campers will benefit from fun and enrichment at the UNC Asheville Kellogg Center this summer
  • 500+ free healthy meals are provided each month to children helping address food insecurity
  • Almost 1000 pounds of fresh healthy produce is distributed through the local YMCA mobile food market each month
  • 150+ adults can take charge of their health and be part of the Hendersonville YMCA community thanks to scholarships
  • 200+ kids each week will visit Patton Pool to swim and learn how to be safe around water