Join the STRONG Challenge

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired in these COVID-19 times? The YMCA of Western North Carolina invites you to participate in a free six-week STRONG Challenge designed to help transform spirit, mind and body.

Refresh and recharge your life by moving 20 minutes a day, five days a week for six weeks! Every movement counts – walking, running, strength training, cycling, an in-person or virtual group fitness class. What matters is getting active. Name your goals, track your successes, and celebrate your victories. Make your health a priority and reset your life with the STRONG Challenge!

Opt-in to the free challenge on the YMCA of WNC’s mobile app (download here). From there, create an app account if you don’t already have one, then click the Challenges tile. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you regular motivation, challenges, workouts and more, so be sure to turn on your app notifications to stay connected.

Everyone in the community is invited to participate in the STRONG Challenge. Y membership is not required. Nonmembers who sign up are eligible for a free seven-day trial to the Y to enjoy swimming, working out and a variety of classes.


Congratulations STRONG Challenger, you have made it to the final week! Now, equip your STRONG arsenal (Achieve, Play, Rest, Connect, Serve) with the final secret weapon, Balance, to be complete.

The STRONG Challenge may be over, but the habits will remain. We encourage you to remain a part of the Strong Challenge Community on Facebook and to grow your accountability network. Stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon!


Why do we always seem to have time for “I” but not for “us”? Time for self-centered binging and not for moments of serving others. For some, it is fear or a recent loss that drives them to hold tightly to what is theirs. The problem is, we are designed to live differently, to be givers and not just takers. To take hold of a weapon of the spirit and look out for our friends and our neighbors.

If we are willing to prioritize the needs of others, to reach for our best things to give, and to carve out time to serve, we will discover the transformational rewards that come only from practicing heroic love. The rewards are great, but the motivation to do nothing can be greater... push through! Be STRONG.

This week, along with your 20-minute fitness goals, open up a can of loving others. You will be transformed--- this is how STRONG works.


Your STRONG Challenge continues with finding ways to REST! Chillaxing, naps, a good night’s sleep…REST. It’s something we all need desperately to thrive but ignore its mystical powers. Why does REST always seem to get put on the backburner of our 1000 MPH-paced lives. We all fall victim to not falling asleep at a regular time, ignoring quiet time with prayer and/or meditation or not designating a rest day for our week. This week, we reclaim our health with the power naps, sleeping in, quieting our minds…this week, we REST!


Your STRONG Challenge continues with Connect! This week we will get STRONGer through CONNECTing with people.

Did you know that on average we receive over 6000 messages a day? Let that sink in... These constant beeps, dings, buzzes and tweets are demanding our attention and severely hurting our health. And worse, they are pulling us away from the things that truly matter the most in our short lives. This week, you will be challenged go to deeper mentally and spiritually in the Challenge. You got this and we believe in YOU, because YOU are STRONG.


Continue your STRONG Challenge by rediscovering play! Research affirms that we are stronger when we’re having fun. Remember the number of times in a day you laughed as a kid? Remember feeling invincible? What about now? This week we’ll add fun to our fitness goals. We’re designed to smile, laugh and joke. Rediscovering your joy will add to your foundation of strength. You were made to PLAY! Watch this video to get inspiration for week 2 of the STRONG Challenge, and get ready to laugh like a kid again! We invite you to join our local Facebook community to share the joy with others. Have a great week!


Your STRONG Challenge begins with setting fitness goals. Although we'll be encouraging you in other areas of your life, we want to start by focusing on physical health and wellness. Start by setting goals to achieve during the next six weeks. Whether you are at the "walk around the block" level or at the "run the next marathon" level, start where you are, and we'll grow from there. Achieving goals will set the foundation for healthier habits for life. You were made for more!

Challenge details

The STRONG Challenge officially begins Monday, Oct. 19, and you can participate from anywhere. Registration is open now in our mobile app. Click here to learn how to manually track workouts.

  • This FREE six-week challenge is open to all
  • You’ll receive regular messages outlining new activities
  • The commitment is only 20 minutes a day
  • There are plenty of ways to participate outside the Y, including outdoor and virtual classes
  • Complete the challenge and earn a T-shirt

Sign up today on our mobile app*, join our Facebook Group, and get ready to get moving with the community on Monday, Oct. 19!

*If you would like to participate, but do not have a smartphone, click here to sign up for the challenge online!