Join the Stay Connected Challenge

social distance

Another way to remain connected is through social engagement opportunities. April's 30-day Stay Connected Challenge invites you to participate in daily opportunities to lift someone’s spirits, exercise in a new way, take an online workshop, and much more!

To sign up for the challenge:

Join the Stay Connected Challenge Facebook group or if you do not have a Facebook account, sign up for the challenge by emailing us. Diane Saccone.

Each day, your task will be listed on the Facebook group and on this Stay Connected page.

Complete the task and then post about it in the Facebook group or email us so other participants can cheer you on! 

Be creative! Have fun! Take a selfie video or share your story in a unique way! What you share will be an inspiration for others. The goal is to help us all remain socially connected while we're physically apart. Together, we can make a difference, one task at a time!

Daily challenges

Day 1: Like the YMCA of WNC on Facebook. Join the challenge group and invite three friends to do the same.

Day 2: Call three friends and check on them. Ask three friends to do the same.

Day 3: Share a family heirloom recipe by phone or facetime with your children or grandchildren.

Day 4: Begin at least 2 virtual classes a week

Day 5: Visit or connect someone to our mobile food markets.

Day 6: Create a time capsule. Digital or actual.

Day 7: Plant a container garden.

Day 8: Commit to walking 4 miles a day or more and invite a friend to do the same. 

Day 9: Learn a new skill.

Day 10: Thank a service industry worker and ask 3 people to do the same.

Day 11: Do 10 push ups and 10 squats a day.

Day 12: Try a new hiking trail.

Day 13: Watch an online concert.

Day 14: Write your family or friend a letter and let them know how much they mean to you.

Day 15: Begin a legacy diary and share with your children or grandchildren.

Day 16: Begin a meditation practice.

Day 17: Write a letter to a friend or neighbor.