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As we make our way through this difficult time, the YMCA wants to ensure that we stay connected with our families and that we do our best to keep offering some of the support, opportunities, and encouragement your children have grown to expect from us. To do that, our team has been working hard to create some fun resources for kids to look forward to during this pause in our regular lives. Please see our daily Bulletin Un-Bored activities below. 

Daily Bulletin Un-Bored 

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12Bursts is a fun new way to be active right from home. Each day’s challenge includes 12, five-minute bursts of activity that are kid-friendly and don’t require any special skills or equipment. A new set of FREE bursts will load every day.

Stay active and have fun. Try it today and invite your friends to try it, too.

Ensuring food security

Starting March 16, our mobile food markets will hand out prepackaged bags for our neighbors to pick up at scheduled market sites. As always, there’s no charge for this service, and no questions are asked.

More than 30 scheduled mobile food market sites in five counties are running as scheduled each month, with prepackaged bags of fresh produce. The Y is also serving takeout meals at nine sites across Buncombe, Haywood, and McDowell counties. These sites include the Corpening Memorial YMCA in Marion and the Ferguson Family YMCA in Candler, which serve takeout lunch Monday through Saturday.

If anyone is quarantined and needs food resources, they can reach out to 828 775 7081 for assistance.

Providing emergency relief

The community need for child care and food security is great. Please help us continue to provide these essential services by donating to our Community Emergency Response Fund.

Maintaining connections

We are also pleased to offer access to a variety of free online workouts and group exercise classes to help you stay fit during this time of social distancing. These options offer high-quality workouts via TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone. These options are currently free and you do not need to be a member to participate. 

• MOSSA Move is free to Y members and non-members for 60 days.

• YMCA 360 group exercise classes are also free to members and non-members for a limited time. There are several offerings for kids. 

GroupEx on Facebook Live

We know you’d prefer to be here with us, attending these group exercise classes in person (so would we), but we are excited to offer live streaming workouts with our Y staff to help you stay healthy and connected during this time of isolation. Here is our current schedule of classes we will offer via Facebook Live. The classes will be live on the individual center Facebook pages and shared to the main page. This schedule is subject to change.