Get into the Holiday Crunch

Holiday Crunch Challenge

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, when it’s easy to get too busy for self-care. One way to motivate yourself to build better habits is by joining our Holiday Crunch!

This annual fitness challenge runs from Nov. 20-Dec. 31. Sign up today at any Y and start recording your workouts on the challenge board. Complete 20 workouts during the crunch period to be rewarded with a happier, healthier you – and a T-shirt too!

Here's how the Holiday Crunch Challenge works:

Complete 20 workouts in six weeks and be a holiday champion! All participants must complete all 20 workouts by Dec. 31. Each workout must be done in a YMCA (any Y nationwide). Workouts will be recorded on the boards located at the center where you register. This is an honor system. Please do not write your name on any of the boards. Please register at the membership desk and we'll record your name. There's no cost to sign up, but registration is required to participate. Registration opened Nov. 1. The challenge starts Nov. 20.

Bonus: If you complete the program by Dec. 31, you'll earn a T-shirt!