Pump up your workout

Les Mills BODYPUMP at the Y

We’re partnering with Les Mills to bring our members the world’s most popular workouts, starting with BODYPUMP®. This full-body barbell-based workout is perfect for anyone looking to tone their muscles and increase their overall fitness.


BODYPUMP uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetition to give you a total body workout. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically backed moves and techniques, pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music – helping you achieve much more than on your own! You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, ready to come back for more. 


RPM™ is a group indoor cycling workout that is fun and low impact, where you control the intensity. With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. In an RPM workout you repeatedly spin the pedals to reach your cardio peak then ease back down, keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness.

Coming soon:

We’ll add the non-contact, martial arts-inspired workout BODYCOMBAT to our group fitness lineup. New releases will be issued every three months to ensure that workouts stay fresh and keep you motivated. Check the schedules here.